by Emek Rephaim

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In 2007, longtime friends from Maryland Gabi and Jon found themselves both reluctantly living in Jerusalem due to unrelated circumstances. Making the best of a bad situation, they got together with Gabi’s childhood friend Nadav and began making music. What started off as improvised ramblings inside a bomb shelter soon became the deranged trio Jizzbox. Blending Nadav’s electronic background, Gabi’s industrial background, and Jon’s love of punk and James Brown, Jizzbox churned out a unique, raw, high energy sound composed of synthesizers, guitars, and junkyard metal percussion. Their self-titled album released by Alamut is comprised of mostly live songs, with subject matter ranging from o.c.d., masturbation, gossip, to the time Gabi walked in on his great grandma pissing in a bucket.


released January 1, 2008

Jizzbox: Jon/Gabi/Nadav
mastering : Uri Kristal
Alamut label 2008



all rights reserved


Emek Rephaim Jerusalem, Israel

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Track Name: Machette
I just got a brand new machete
And I just got to share it with the world (I'm a big man)
You call my ideals rather petty
Well I'm about to slice up your lofty words (I'm a big man)
O.C.D. venom on the tip of each sword
of the needles swinging above the passing floor
Your persistence your persistence
And you think you're in control
Such a waste of you
I dispense the earth
Can't explain the proof
But it's all inside (It is)

Oh dispense the venereal diseasing sick head
It's extracting from me
It is near
Ever-absorbing my microscopic constitution of cheer
I swear it must've been something in his voice

If the door was locked would you all be appeased
Well once again it was the sound of his voice
Condescending us depending
Forget it no you're strong you can drop or repent for your right
I can sneeze at all
And I succumb to all
And I feel this small
Dropped now hold it till the grave
Can't disagree with saved

The hills in the east hold many lies
And worlds be trembling down my sides
Oh the boy stick with the boy
Stick with the boy stick with the hole
Stick with the hole
Oh whaddya know
Oh eizei yofi etc...
Oh he's loving and he's bleeding
Oh he's loving every fucking word
Oh eizei yofi etc....

Condescend your American love
In the morning it'll hit you what you saw
All my reasons
Swallowed treasons
Journey you're arrested you're arrested you're arrested
For your sake
Free this damaged slave
Can't disagree with saved
Dropped now hold it till the grave
Till the grave